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Product Knowledge :: Kevin Murphy Anti-Gravity

I’ve been working very closely with Kevin Murphy products since I first started working here in Denver. I’ve taken product knowledge classes, spoken with the Denver area brand manager, Ash to learn all I can, and I get my hands in the product on a daily basis. So you will probably see a lot of KM products on this site, but I promise to bring in some other brands, too. Even though Kevin has my heart now! :)

This week, we are talking all about Anti Gravity. I’ve actually been using this product in my hair for a few years off and on, so I was already a pretty big fan. But since I started using it, they’ve introduced a new spray version in addition to the cream, which I love. To use the original cream, take a nickel sized amount and work it through the mid-strand and ends. Work the leftover product through the roots and blowdry in. To use the spray, spritz throughout the whole head and blowdry in.

I am a fan of this product for a lot of reasons, but mainly I love how light it is. You literally won’t feel it in your hair. I’ve recently had other hairdressers try heavier volumizing products in my hair and not only was it ridiculously hard to run my fingers through my hair, but I had crazy static just a couple hours after a blowout. I’m a girl who loves volume, but I also hate to sacrifice softness and movement to get it. With this product, I don’t have to.

Now that Kevin Murphy has introduced the spray, I’ve also been using that. On my second day hair, I spray in some of the Anti Gravity through the mid-strands and ends and some dry shampoo at the roots and blowdry both of those in. My hair feels so refreshed and voluminous if I follow this routine for day two and three after a shampoo/blowout. I also get a ton of shine with this little miracle worker, which is obviously great.

And of course, we have to talk about the smell! The BEST part! As soon as you spray the can or open up the bottle, the scent of refreshing organic lavender tickles your senses. I love having my hair smell like lavender and even more, I love using a product that uses organic essential oils rather than harsh chemicals. All of the Kevin Murphy products are paraben and sulfate free, PETA approved, and as environmentally friendly as possible. To try out this awesome product or any item from the KM line, you can come visit me at The Oxford Hotel Salon here in Denver. Or if you live in another city, head to the Kevin Murphy website and find a in your city! :)

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