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Dallas, TX | October 2013 | Kevin Murphy, David Glover & Marianne Jensen

I know this has been a loooooong time coming, but I’m finally getting around to it now that I have all of my photos together and ready! Where to begin?

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I arrived in Dallas on a chilly, Saturday afternoon and immediately found a plate of biscuits and gravy and some hot sauce. Great way to start the weekend and to officially jump into my very first visit to Texas! After some exploring in the city, checking out the House of Blues, enjoying an awesome dinner of Thai Panang Curry and dancing the night away, I woke up on my second day ready to learn.

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At the beautiful White Space downtown, I started a full day of classes. First up was a two hour training session with the lovely and talented Marianne Jensen. Having recently created some amazing looks for Copenhagen Fashion Week, Marianne taught our class how to recreate a gorgeous updo using our Kevin.Murphy tools and products. And I also finally got to use a needle and thread and begin to learn how to do a Sew.Up!! After some braiding, banding, tucking and pinning, I ended up with a gorgeous updo that resembled what Marianne had done on the runway. And the best part of it all was getting to spend two hours listening to her speak and walk around to give constructive feedback. She was such a sweet, warm person and I loved getting to take a class with her!

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Then it was off to another two hour session with David Glover. I had seen David in Denver a month prior and was seriously impressed. And I knew that he’d just recently done the Victoria’s Secret Show, so I was really excited to see what he had for us. He walked us through how to do a down, curled style similar to something he’d done at VS. But the angle of the curl was a bit different than I’d ever done and the positive and negative way in which we created the look was completely innovative and fresh. I had quite a struggle practicing curling with my left hand… and keeping my elbow up, maintaining my posture, keeping my angle in place and creating the curl. But alas, it was all worth it when David came up at the end and told me that I’d gotten it, babe. It was a finished look that would look great on a runway and instead of blowing back over the shoulders, the way in which we curled it ensured that if it was truly worn on a model, the hair would only blow up and look bigger rather than blow back and hide behind her shoulders. Genius!

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And then the main event: a two hour session with Kevin on all things branding, marketing and creating a solid business. I can’t give away the many secrets I learned, but I can say that I learned more in this class than I have in quite some time. Kevin spoke to us about how to establish and target to your client demographic.. and explained why it is so important to know who your client is! He spoke about the importance of social media and marketing for current times. I loved when he actually took the time to dissect all of his recent marketing campaigns and accompanying promotional photo-shoots. We were able to hear some hilarious stories about what happened behind the camera and how to handle the pressure when things don’t go as planned. But more importantly, we were able to learn about the planning process that’s necessary for any marketing efforts. And perhaps one of my favorite parts was watching the Chanel video, which I still watch when I need a boost of inspiration and motivation. The session ended with getting to shake hands and say hello with Kevin. It was really inspiring to meet someone who’s been such a huge influence in my career. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the session:

“How do your clients feel when they do business with you?”

“You are a much bigger part of your clients’ lives than you realize.”

“Always be authentic, consistent and current.”

“A hair trend can take up to two years to settle in.”

“You must be able to recognize the changes in trends and move with them.”

“They (Chanel) stick to their mission every time.”

“Staying true to our philosophy is what makes our brand so strong.”

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Day two started with an early coffee run and cab ride to the Dallas Contemporary. This next session was made for those of us who love photo-shoots, film work, runway and all things editorial. It was one of the best classes I have ever taken. Kevin took a few models who had been prepped and finished them on stage in front of us. After taking out their rollers, brushing out the looks and making a few tweaks, Kevin would send the model over to the backdrop. From here, Kevin’s husband and professional photographer, Luis Murphy took photos of the models. But the screen that the photos came up on was split, with one side showing the professional photos which had been quickly edited and displayed and the other showing simply what we were all seeing in real time. The goal was to show just how differently things would look on camera and it certainly was an eye opener. I learned so much from this session and having the visual of what the hair looked like in real time versus on camera was a huge part of that.

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At one point, one of the models Kevin was working on looked like she had frizz and because the lights were hitting it, it seemed quite visible. But once she got to the backdrop, a couple photos were snapped and displayed and her hair looked flawless! And later when we were almost to the end of the session, Kevin was staying near the models at the backdrop, looking at how their hair came up on screen and making quick changes. I was amazed at how much brushing one piece over the shoulder or adding faux bangs could change the whole concept of the shot.

Perhaps my favorite part of this whole session, however, was getting to see Kevin in his true element, comfortable and joking around. I already knew I highly respected him as a hairdresser and businessman, but during this session I was privileged to see another side to him as the hilarious, personable and easygoing guy he seemed to be. And I could definitely appreciate the way him and his husband joked around with each other during this session. It totally reminded me of the back and forth banter that my fiance and I exchange. Heard from Kevin when there was a glitch holding us up and Luis was helping to fix it: “We’ll just let the nerdy ones figure it out!”.

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After finishing the photo-shoot session, I had a long break to enjoy…which meant Italian food and red wine at an adorable little cafe near the hotel with the group I’d come with. Then, myself and a good friend, Ashley got our beauty on and splurged for a DryBar blowout and a full face of makeup at Blushington. Dressed up and feeling fab, we sipped the last of our champagne and cabbed it back to the Dallas Contemporary for the last session.

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My favorite part of every hair show is well, the hair show! From our VIP seats right off the stage, we watched the dream team come back onto stage. Dream team of course being Marianne Jensen, David Glover and Kevin Murphy. They recreated a few looks, added some new, fun looks we hadn’t seen yet and then sent several models down the runway for a great show. After stepping back on stage to take a bow and thank everyone for coming out, we were dismissed and allowed into another section for drinks, dancing and mingling. I got to see both Marianne and Kevin again and it was such an honor to be able to thank them both for their time and talent shared.

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Overall, I had an amazing time. To say the experience was life-changing would be an understatement. I came home with a notebook full of notes, a camera full of photos and video and a head full of ideas and inspiration. Now, I’m just counting down until the next!


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