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Mane Master :: Ted Gibson

His haircuts cost an impressive $950 and he boasts that doing his own shampooing instead of leaving it to an assistant is part of what makes his price range worth it. He has two incredibly successful salons and a great spot as the hairstylist on What Not to Wear. He claims names like Anne Hathaway and Ashley Greene on his celebrity clientele list and he can often be heard quoting his favorite slogan, “Beauty is individual”. Ladies and gents, my favorite quotes from the great Ted Gibson:

“I always had this creative side but wasn’t sure it would turn into anything.”

“I cut hair with such sensibility and ease, my clients leave with a new haircut without feeling like they’ve had all their hair cut off.”

“Hair- more than clothes and makeup and the Mercedes and the Jaguar- dictates how a woman feels about who she really is.”

“Every hairdresser in the world should charge $950 or more.”

“I believe that I have been put on this planet to do just what I am doing: making women feel beautiful, developing products, and running successful salons. I am having the time of my life. I am very proud of what I’m doing. I love it!”

“When I was working with Angelina that’s what we did; it was all about below the shoulder, a lot of volume in the front, soft cascading waves. That look will be iconic.”

“I don’t think that a lot of young people really get what it means; that you can change people’s lives every single day. And you have to sell products; book next appointments…you have to think about hair as a business not just an art.”

“It takes a while to understand every aspect of being a hairdresser. From the art of the consultation, to the way the guest looks when they sit in your chair, how they feel, what you’re giving them, what they’re giving you — you can’t learn that overnight.”


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