Everything I Needed To Know About Hair, I Learned From Carrie Bradshaw.

Okay, so the $30,000 I spent on my education might have played a part, too. But in terms of making a change with the most fierceness possible, not being afraid to rock a new style in the name of high fashion and just a general amount of epic inspiration, Carrie Bradshaw was THE character to inspire me to go big or go home with my wispy strands. And if anyone knows how to go big, it’s Miss Bradshaw herself. Anyone remember that insane feathered fascinator she wore for her ill-fated wedding to Big? She’s definitely not afraid to mix it up with bold, playful choices, but I love that she also always goes back to her signature unruly curls. 

And because this year’s fashion has been all about changing it up, going bold and mixing all the best elements of fashion in an edgy way, I thought there was no better way to jump into summer style inspiration than to look to the queen herself. Ladies, everything we can learn from Carrie Bradshaw about rocking a new ‘do with the utmost confidence:

Sometimes, there’s no substitute for a great messy bun.

Girl knows how to rock the casual style on a Sunday afternoon in summer heat. It helps keep her cool, keeps all of the hair out of her face and gives her entire look an effortless feel while showing off her great profile and neck.


Or a fierce pony.

The sleek, middle part and the big texture at the ends is so couture, so Carrie. This was right when Carrie moved to France with her fancy French balayage color and her fabulous artist of a boyfriend and really started to work with looks that complimented her style AND looked high fashion.


When you don’t feel like talking, show your sorrow through your color.

The infamous part of the movie after Big left her at the church, alone and unwed. Carrie spends the next half hour sad and moping and her new dark strands were an obvious play on her depression. Because sometimes, you just want the world to know you are in mourning.


Even the most eccentric of brides can rock a traditional veil.

I was so excited to see what Carrie would wear at her wedding and I was pleasantly surprised to see an avant garde feather AND a traditional veil. It was so chic and so bridal.

Never be afraid of the chop. After all, your hair is merely an accessory!

Ah, the season of the Vogue column! I loved Carrie’s chop because for the first time, she was no longer hiding behind her long locks. We got to see Carrie in a newer, more modern light but in a way that incorporated her signature texture.

Couture styles can appropriate on the runway or out to lunch.

Dressing up for lunch with a fabulous ballerina bun is such a Carrie move. Subway, taxi, or limo, this woman never sacrifices her high fashion trends to match her environment.

Even those with drool worthy manes have an off day.

Oh, Carrie! The dull, brassy color, the frizzy, undone waves and the outdated, costume-y pigtails… This look is such a disaster! But you have to admit, when we follow the runways and cultivate our own personal style, we all have an off day now and then. More power to you for this one, Carrie!


Step out of your comfort zone by trying a new texture.

She never changed her hair in a permanent manner, straightening out her mane with chemicals. But every once in awhile, she’d bust out her flatiron or get a fab blowout and rock a straight look. It was fun to see a change, but nice that she never went to drastic measures to change herself. tumblr_n4c2ygvMqO1svwpmwo1_500

You CAN make a blowout last four days!

And speaking of blowouts, this look is the quintessential “day four blowout”. A bit of dry shampoo, pin back those bangs, and voila! Another day and another effortlessly chic style.tumblr_n4cjwbUp0M1ts0kmao1_500

A great hair flip and a bit of sass can make even the frizziest of styles look impossibly sexy.

Obviously teaching us that confidence is the most important part of any hairstyle. And a great saying that speaks to your independence and general fierceness certainly doesn’t hurt!

Balayage is Queen when it comes to color.

Before we even knew who Whitney Port was with her sun-kissed ombre, Carrie was rocking what we now know is “balayage”, a French highlighting technique. I specialize in this technique now and can decipher exactly how this was created, but at the time, all I knew was that I’d never seen such a beautiful color pattern. It hit her cheekbones so perfectly and gave just enough lightness around her face. And the way the sun hit it and lit up oh-so-perfectly in such a natural way so purely stunning!

Balanced Proportions = High Fashion.

All runway looks have one thing in common: balance and proportion. In Carrie’s infamous tulle skirt, pink tank look, I always loved how Carrie’s locks were pushed back on top and left loose and big on the sides, complimenting the shape of her outfit. And that’s how she STARTED her time in the spotlight, you guys!


Know what your signature style is and always embrace it.

My favorite lesson Carrie ever taught me, though was to know what your signature style is and always go back to it. Embrace it with enthusiasm. Change can be fun and certainly following trends requires a lot of styling and taming at times, knowing that you are your best you with your natural texture and a great haircut is the most Carrie thing I can think of!



Images Credit: Tumblr


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