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Being A Hairdresser

I knew a hairdresser once that changed my perspective on what I do for a living. I was under the incorrect assumption that my job was just to place foils and do the same long layered haircut on everyone. And that the word “hairdresser” was completely outdated and ridiculous. I was a modern day hairstylist. Doing the same cut and color on everyone.

But then I heard this friend of mine describe what it means to be a “hairdresser” at a pivotal moment in my career. He told me that I am a designer and creator. I am a seamstress taking materials and fabrics that no one else can see the beauty in and sewing them together in innovative, imaginative ways. Only my materials, as my friend describes, are locks of hair. Fine, dark, coarse, brittle or shiny tresses to be woven and stitched into perfection. My job is to literally dress my clients with their hair in a way that flatters and esteems them. I am not a minimum wage servant; I am a fashion designer working with the best and most beautiful of material. And in that, I hold the power to change a woman’s appearance, confidence and hopefully even her view of the world and herself in it.

It was in that moment of clarity that I stopped being complacent. My job became my career and my pride began to show through my work. Passion replaced fear and everything changed. And I started using the term hairdresser with pride.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who reads this website or books a service with me. You are the reason I get to wake up every day and do what I do and I appreciate that every moment. You are my inspiration. As I get ready to head into my 6th year as a hairdresser and I reflect back on all that this previous year has been for me, I simply say thank you for letting me live my passion.

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