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All Tressed Up - Grammys


The Grammy’s is always my favorite awards show each season. I love the drama, the exciting performances and the more daring, playful fashion. And this year was no exception when it came to shock factor.. from Jay Z and Beyonce’s steamy performance to the thirty plus couples being married by Queen Latifah during “Same Love”. From Colbie Caillat’s totally unexpected, edgy updo to Ariana Grande’s predictable and boring ponytail. And now I’m ready to give you the scoop on all of the best looks from this year.

1. I was absolutely obsessed with Katy Perry’s look on the red carpet. What I love is that it’s incredibly sleek and high fashion, but somehow totally classic and ethereal. And the contrast from the front is brilliant. Her natural hair is pulled back tight and the knots from her hairpiece give her the right amount of volume and symmetry. I honestly feel that conceptually, this is one of the most stunning upstyles I’ve seen in awhile.

2. Kelly makes my list this year because not only am I still loving her lavender hair color and that bob that accents her face shape so beautifully, but every time she graced the screen, she was so happy and confident. I always say that a bold look just makes you look like you’re trying too hard if you don’t have the confidence to wear it well. And Kelly… well, she wears this really well. I also love how she let her total look flow naturally. She wore her hair in a more natural blowout, chose to accent a bold lip and rocked a basic black dress. And all of it together made me feel that I was seeing Kelly, not the Kelly that a stylist, makeup artist and hairstylist wanted to create. And I think that was truly where all the smiling was coming from.

3. Oh, Beyonce… Earlier this year, I was so over this woman. Don’t get me wrong, I was still singing “Me, Myself and I” in the shower and imitating her dance moves in my own company. But I definitely was ready for everyone to stop saying her name on a daily basis. But I have to say, I’m glad I got out of this rut before seeing her at the Grammy’s. Her first look on the red carpet was so stunning and her look during her performance just took it to a whole new level. When I was at the Kevin.Murphy show last year, I can’t tell you how many times Kevin said that this exact hairstyle would be making its way into American fashion in 2014. And as soon as I saw Beyonce on the red carpet, I knew it was finally here. I especially loved the way she accented her natural curls with a flawless ombre on her slightly graduated bob. Every aspect of her look was moderate with a bold statement. And the only way to step it up? To wet it all down for a super sexy, textured style complimenting the feel of her performance with Jay Z. I would say this hairstyle was absolutely one of my favorite of this year’s Grammy’s.

4. Colbie Caillat’s spunky upstyle was such a huge shock for me. Colbie tends to stick with more natural, beach looks even when dressing it up for the awards shows, so I was really happy to see her try something different. I have to say, I didn’t love the front. I hated how the volume was asymmetrical and it wasn’t full enough for me. But the braid up the back of the head from the nape reminded me of something I’d seen Marianne Jensen do and I loved it! Especially for someone who usually tends to play it safe, this was a look that was anything but predictable.

What do you beauties think? Who wore your favorite look?

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