All Tressed Up :: Choosing A Bridal Style

I’ve just recently gotten engaged. And in addition to my own personal planning, I execute anywhere from 10-15 weddings per month at my salon. Needless to say, I’ve got weddings on the brain. All. The. Time. And one thing I’ve learned is that choosing a bridal style is very difficult. You’ll look at it in photos for the rest of your life, your bridesmaids will choose their own hairstyles based on yours, and if you don’t love it, it can start your day off on a really stressful note. To make sure that doesn’t happen, I’ve compiled my own list of how to choose the best bridal style for you. Enjoy!

  1. Choose Something That Fits Your Personality: In the words of Lauryn Hill, “don’t be a hard rock if you really are a gem, baby girl”. But in all seriousness, if you have a very laid-back, bohemian style on a daily basis and then show me a photo of a stiff, formal updo, I will probably try to talk you out of it because you’ll hate it. It’s not you. Sometimes you have an idea in your head of what you think your wedding style should be and I get it.. we all dream about it from the time we are 5. But personalities and tastes change and what’s most important about how you look on your wedding day is that you feel beautiful and comfortable. So rock the flower crown if you want. Or let’s add your signature braid. Or if you just want what works, let’s just do some curls that will softly cascade around your shoulders. Simple, sure. But totally you and totally fabulous!

  2. But Don’t Get Too Crazy: On the other hand, if you get too creative with your look (even if it matches your personality), you’ll feel just as uncomfortable. I had a bride this summer who showed me a photo of the most beautiful style and said she wanted it for her wedding day. It was gorg… but totally high fashion. I assigned her to one of my master stylists who’s great with editorial work and they got to work. After coming in twice to try it out, she ended up deciding that yes, it was beautiful. But she felt more ready to walk down the runway than the aisle to her groom. She decided to go with the signature waves that she wore and loved for the engagement photos two month prior. And she looked beautiful.

  3. Your Dress Can Be The Inspiration: Sometimes, I will spend a large amount of time with a bride creating a look. We’ll come up with the perfect down style with an intricate braid and all of her tresses swept to the side over one shoulder. Then, she’ll show me a photo of her dress and it’s amazing… but totally wrong for the hairstyle we wanted to create. Our down style will completely cover up the lace detail and high neckline of her dress. So, we’ll decide to pull it into a structured, low, relaxed updo that fits the same type of style we were going for, but still shows off and even compliments the gorgeous dress she’s already set her heart on. It’s a win/win for every aspect of your wedding day look.

  4. Get Your Girls’ Advice, But Trust Your Hairdresser, Too: Let’s get real here. I know your besties are your world and on your big day, they’ve all shown up to support you and celebrate in your happiness. But I’m your hairdresser. I am a master stylist with five years of experience and you know this because you’ve chosen me to cater to you, to collaborate with you, and to execute the style we created at your trial run appointment. I know your maid of honor means well, but having her stand over me dictating where every strand of hair should be placed and how exactly to pin it in is a little bit overboard. She thinks you should have more volume? Or maybe the sides should be tighter? Awesome! Great feedback! Now what is your opinion? To all the besties: let’s remember that it’s her day and the micromanaging of her hairstyle is causing her more stress. I know you mean to be helpful, but it’s making her second guess what she wants an hour before she’s taking photos with her groom. What she needs is for me to do the hairstyle we decided on at her trial run and for you to tell her you’ve never seen her look more beautiful and that her groom is just going to die when he sees her.

  5. And Speaking Of Trial Runs: They are essential. At my salon, I require them for all brides because I believe they are so crucial. For those of you just looking into your bridal style, a trial run is basically two dedicated hours with your stylist to pour over photos, try some styles out, pin the veil into your hair and add in any flowers or extras you’ll be wearing, and figure out if you’ll need any hair prep before the big day. This is usually the appointment where we decide if extensions are necessary, whether we should trim your bangs or leave them be, and whether or not you’d like to brighten up your color before the big day. Plus, who doesn’t want to spend two hours getting glam, sipping a glass of champ, and chatting about your bridesmaids and your amazing wedding venue? And another tip… I usually tell my brides to plan their trial run on the same day as their engagement photos, bachelorette party, or a date night with the future hubby. That way, you won’t waste a good hairstyle sitting at home watching New Girl! :)

At the end of the day, what matters most is that you walk down the aisle feeling amazing and looking fabulous. With your girls surrounding you in support, your father on your arm to guide you, and your groom standing and staring, in awe of the woman he gets to marry. Follow these simple pieces of advice and you’re sure to get the wedding look you’ve always dreamed of.

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