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All Tressed Up Template (4)

I am a sucker for anything vintage. Give me soft waves, sparkly hairpieces and a red lip any day of the week! And my favorite way to incorporate a vintage theme? In a wedding of course! I think this look is so uniquely feminine and glamorous, but also so soft and endearing. Not only does every bride look beautiful with fingerwaves or a vintage headband, but every wedding I’ve seen and done with this theme really inspire some of the most amazing photography. You simply cannot go wrong with a touch of lace, a dash of bling and a bit of Old Hollywood inspiration.

1. Vintage Waves: This look is the quintessential “vintage” hairstyle. Even if every other element of the wedding has only a hint of Old Hollywood, choosing a hairstyle like this one will completely set the tone. I also love this kind of style because it can literally be done on short hair, fine hair, hair with layers or hair with bangs. It’s incredibly versatile and can be created by a professional hairdresser with just a curling iron, a few pins and some great product.

2. Monique Lhuillier: I love Monique’s latest collection and how she’s combined all of the things I love about a vintage glam theme. She uses lace, feminine shapes and bling to give brides what they want for the 2014 season. I particularly loved this dress from her new collection because of the way the lace covers up the decolletage giving it a romantic quality. But the silhouette is incredibly sexy, cinched in at the waist and cascading to the floor in a chic tulle skirt. This dress (and the rest of the 2014 collection) are truly for the vintage glam bride.

3 & 4. Hair Accessories: I think I am completely obsessed with these pieces. I love drama and sparkle, but with the highest amount of class and sophistication. That’s what a great vintage hair piece is to me. I love that both of these pieces could be used in soft curls or in an updo and that while they are definitely showstoppers, they still wouldn’t detract from the overall beauty look, they merely add to it.

5. White Roses: And a classic, timeless bouquet of white roses to complete the whole look. I would also use calla lillies or peonies (possibly even just carrying a single flower rather than a bouquet), but the statement is the same: chic, glamorous and sophisticated. And most of all… timeless.

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