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The first official 5 Minute Pin It is up and ready for you to try! I am so excited to finally be sharing with you the easiest, quickest ways to change up your hair! 5 minutes, minimal product and tools and you are set!

I just want to take a quick second to tell you about this concept before we get started. When I lived in Seattle, I was NOT USED to dealing with rain. Don’t get me wrong… I love a grey sky, my leopard umbrella and the mist on my face. But commuting an hour to work in the rain and looking a mess when I get there? Not so much!

After having a difficult couple weeks of commuting in the rain, I was so stuck. I felt like I’d tried everything and nothing worked. So, the girls that I worked with at Mane Blow Dry Bar and I came up with an idea for “5 Minute Pin It”. On those days that I (or anyone else) would get to work with wet, frizzy hair from the humidity and rain, someone would grab a handful of pins, some hairspray and a backcomb and get to work. And a few minutes later, I would look ready for my day! And without fail, whoever was rocking a #5MinutePinIt was always receiving compliments on their cute, trendy upstyle. And two years later, I’m still rocking them myself and teaching them to clients.

Great for beach vacays, destination weddings, too-early mornings or commutes in the rain, I know that you are going to just love the ease and perfection of the #5MinutePinIt! And don’t forget to share your styles with the hashtag so that I can see! Alright, who’s ready for The Faux Bob?!

  1. First, the supplies. Or as I like to call them, the essentials. You will absolutely need an elastic or ponytail. *I like to use elastics because I have really thin hair and a traditional ponytail will leave a huge bump in the back of my “bob” where it’s supposed to look curled under. But if you have thicker hair, use a ponytail. You will also need a few bobby pins or hair pins to secure and a backcomb or brush to get extra volume. And to finish, some Kevin.Murphy Session Spray or something that’s stronger hold.
  2. Once you have everything gathered, you can get started! As you can see from my before photo, I started with day old hair that had been curled the night before. I like this idea because I’m really into texture these days. Think Bey’s textured bob in her “Drunk In Love” video for inspiration. If you’d like, you can also curl the hair in horizontal sections, cool and brush out for a very vintage look a la Taylor Swift. It should also be pointed out that I didn’t have a need for dry shampoo when creating this look because I had used a heavy powder at my roots the day before, but this is the point where you could add that if you need more grip!
  3. Take the top section of your hair and backcomb for volume and texture. Since I didn’t want to go too crazy and pack in a lot of that “rat’s nest” type of backcombing, I mostly just back brushed with my paddle brush. This just means brushing against the hair strand toward the scalp in gentle motions.
  4. Then, smooth out the hair to look exactly how you’d like it to look once it’s set. Go big or smooth it down, but just make sure it’s how you want it to look. Once you are satisfied, gather the length of your hair in a low, loose ponytail. Then pull out the ponytail just enough that any face framing layers fall out around your face or your top layers are still secured in the pony (you don’t want any to fall out from the back).
  5. Once your ponytail is in place, take all of the hair in your elastic and roll it under so that it can be concealed at the nape of your neck under the hair that would sit above the elastic. Just make sure to hide the actual elastic so that it’s not visible. Then, take your bobby pins and locking them in an “X” formation for maximum holding power, pin the length that you’ve rolled under in place. Add extra pins if needed.
  6. Lastly, pull out any hair around your ears if need be. Your hair on the sides should look like it’s curled under, not pulled back. So if it looks like it’s going back into a ponytail, pull some out below your ears until it looks more like a bob. Then, just make sure everything in the front is where you want it and the backcombing in the back is concealed. Spritz a bit of hairspray and you are all set!

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